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How To Get New Clients - The Basics

The objective of this short lesson is to give business owners some simple tips on how to get new clients, specifically covering the start of the sales process, showing them how set out on the path the to get new clients, and help de-mystify the marketing process. It will be especially useful for those new to sales and marketing, but hopefully still be relevant to experienced small business owners whose sales and marketing performance needs improvement. Further pages will be added to cover to later stages of the sales process and deal with issues raised by our clients feedback.

Just to clarify a few basic terms
Targets – these are the people or organisations who have at least the potential to become your clients
Prospects – are those targets to whom you have addressed your marketing or sales message
Clients – these are individuals or organisations that you have successfully sold to, and taken through the process from being targets to prospects, and then from prospects to clients

how to get new clients, affordable how to get new clients, how to get new clients help

How to get new clients – Tip 1

Know Your Targets

You need to think carefully about who could benefit from becoming one of your clients, of course if you are selling a fairly niche product or service there will be lots of targets who don’t yet know they could benefit from becoming one of your clients, but you will know and so start by making a list of targets. Try to think though from the perspective of your targets, given they are not experts in your products or services, or the benefits they can bring. Make this list of in writing, so you can constantly refer to it when you carry out your marketing campaign, although be prepared to update your target list in response to the results of your sales and marketing efforts.

How to get new clients – Tip 2

Hit The Right Targets With Your Marketing

Marketing costs, either money or time, or both, and so it is vital to ensure you run a cost-effective marketing campaign. Accurate targeting will ensure your marketing message is put in front of the most appropriate targets. Its what at SalesMaker we like to call Precision Targeted Marketing. The best method will vary from industry to industry and with geographical location and can involve old style leaflets and magazine marketing as well as tele-sales, although increasingly digital and email marketing is taking over. With the growth of online sales you take it as a given that an effective website design and SEO is absolutely vital. The marketing message itself is crucial and deserves a lesson of its own, although the basics of it are that it needs to be written in language appropriate to your targets and stress not the features of the product or service itself, but the benefits it brings to your clients. Whatever method you use for delivering your marketing method to your chosen targets it is very important you keep accurate records of activity, cost and results, to gauge cost-effectiveness.

how to get new clients, affordable how to get new clients, how to get new clients help

How to get new clients – Tip 3

Deal Professionally With Prospects

This really does sound obvious but there are plenty of companies spending good money on marketing, and then not even responding to telephoned responses from prospects. Deal personally and individually with each prospect and ask them why lots of open-ended questions to find out why they have chosen to respond to your marketing message. Keep accurate records of your prospects contact details, even if they are not ready to proceed to becoming clients at this stage, due to a condition you cannot overcome, that situation may change in the future, so prospects who do not become clients at this stage can be moved back in to the targets list.

how to get new clients, affordable how to get new clients, how to get new clients help
How To Get New Clients – Help Is Available

Sales and Marketing can be a complex process if done professionally, and really is the difference between success and failure for small businesses and especially for new business start ups. If you have the time, energy and skills to run your own sales and marketing then we wish you well. If you would rather concentrate on running your business and would like to contract your sales and marketing out then get in touch with us.

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