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Sales For New Business

At SalesMaker we may well have three decades of sales experience, but we can still remember how daunting sales can be for new business people. Most business people have great knowledge of their product or service and have a great range of valuable skills, however those skills often do not include sales for new business. Many a potentially great business has failed to thrive because the founders lacked either the necessary sales skills or if they had the skills, lacked the time to employ them properly, successful sales for new business are absolutely crucial.

Successful Sales For New Business – The Difference Between Thriving And Surviving

If you get your new business sales and marketing message right from day one it may mean your new venture will expand, become profitable and thrive, conversely getting your sales and marketing message wrong will certainly mean that your business will struggle to survive, starved of the oxygen of client enquiries. Sales for new business is not easy, especially if you have a number of other tasks to take care of. As a new business you do not have the advantage of a big existing client base or an established reputation and to make sales for new business you have work hard to establish credibility.

sales for new business,  successful sales for new business, affordable sales for new business

For those new to the world of sales and marketing, we define the role of marketing as being to raise the profile of your business, its products and services, and ideally result in enquiries. SalesMaker can provide advice, support and services to assist in the marketing for new business. Once enquiries are received they are referred to as prospects. Sales for new business is the same as for an established corporation, and the goal is to turn prospects in to customers.

We really love new business success stories and are in the process of producing online guides, with tips on how to attract customers and how to get new clients, which we will continue to extend, however for new business owners that just lack the time to implement these lessons or just do not enjoy the sales process, then as the market leading integrated sales and marketing company we would love to help you.

sales for new business,  successful sales for new business, affordable sales for new business

A Full Range Of Services For Sales For New Business

Sales for new business, just some of the things we could do for you
• Sales Planning and organisation
• Sales training for you and/or your staff
• Fully integrated sales programme, to include business start up websites
• Sales presentations – we can even present your sales message on your behalf

Contact us today on 01949 845476, or email, for an informal discussion about how we can help you. We are unique among sales and marketing companies because we integrate the whole process, we are really good at small business website design and are expert search engine optimization consultants. We offer affordable monthly payment plans, generating cost-effective sales for new business.